2008 05 16
Toronto’s Answer To Kids Who Like Trees?

The satellite photo above shows what the trees edging Mossgrove Park looked like a little more than a month ago. The bottom photo shows what happened after the city responded to some complaints that kids were 'hanging out' in the park after dark. Let's think about that... kids were hanging out in the park—after dark. I guess that means the residents of Riverdale where I live should prepare themselves for a wholesale decimation of the trees in WIthrow Park. Let's not stop there. High Park has to be next. Toronto's ravines? Why not!

Police spokesman said that they asked the city to cut off the trees' lower branches. The city's Parks Department missed the memo.

Sometimes I worry that we are becoming a society that can no longer tolerate differences and any amount of uncertainty. Let's face it, there are always people whose choices in life are driven by fear. If the majority of us accept that condition, just turn off the lights of our culture and lock the door, because the forces of fear will turn us into a country few, if any will want to be part of.

[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 05/16
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