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2006 11 03
Whitewashing The Waterfront
The only story getting more ink than the Income Trust meldown in Toronto's media today is the federal report on the city's waterfront. Released yesterday, the report says everything is just fine on our border with Lake Ontario. What, me worry?

To say local politicians reacted - as Tom Wolfe writes - like poleaxed mews to the news is no understatement. Mayor Miller said the report was, "Not worth the paper it was written on." MP Olivia Chow called the report, "a total whitewash." Globe and Mail city columnist, John Barber, says that the report illustrates the federal government's contempt for the city. He even suggests the only recourse is through the courts.

The Chair of the much despised Port Authority said, "It is nice to have a third party come in and review the process … and come to this result." Taxpayers open your wallets for another round of subsidies to Porter Air. I love free enterprise.

Of course, one of the ironies of today's Globe coverage is that on one side of the page 14/15 fold-out is a full page ad for Porter "Flying Defined" Air, while on the other are inches of text decrying that very airline. In spite of the fact that I write for a national newspaper, this kind of advertising relationship always strikes me as more than a bit awkward. Still, I guess that is what a free media is all about.

As yet, other blogs remain quiet on the issue.

[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 11/03 at 02:42 PM

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