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2005 04 02
imageOvernight a storm covers the city. As we sleep, our streets and homes are covered in a blanket of snow. The light changes. The ceilings are illuminated by the soft reflection bouncing off the snowy plain. It is quiet. The sound of cars is muffled by the insulation of white powder. Boundaries defining paths, lawns, sidewalks and roads have dissolved and are rendered as one. A line of footsteps drawn in the snow appears lonely. I am comforted by this feeling of isolation. Everything is still. There is no shadow, no corners, no horizon. The sky appears soft as a cloud. Cocoon.

At the foot of the city the port is dormant. We have forgotten about our lake. I walk along the marina that is shielded visibly from City. A cold spell has frozen the waves in their motion as though it was captured as a still from a camera. Its surface appears violent like shards and plates of broken glass in collision. The cold wind sweeps this deserted place. There is not a soul in sight, just the sound of wind and the crackling of ice like a giant grinding its teeth in a deep sleep.
[email this story] Posted by Arriz Hassam on 04/02 at 08:59 AM

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