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2006 10 21
We Blog Toronto’s Garbage Town Hall At MaRs

We are at the MaRs Centre at the intersection of College and University to blog Alphabet City’s “Garbage Town Hall.” As most Torontonianss know, Alphabet City is a respected publication that covers urban issues both intelligently and thoroughly. The series is published and edited by John Knechtel.

Today’s event uses structured, group brainstorming to investigate novel ways to manage Toronto’s garbage. In other words: We’re all talkin’ trash!

We will update the blog a few times during the course of the afternoon’s session.

Rod Muir, of Waste Diversion Toronto (and a candidate for Mayor), is here to help facilitate the afternoon’s event. He says:

Cost is a key driver. It costs the city $2 to $3 per home to physically pick up the garbage. Separation is a key issue and must take place. It can be diverted for recycling or burn and bury.

Our group represents an interesting cross-section of the city’s citizens. There are two design students, one industrial design Prof from OCAD, a graphic designer, an organic farmer, two MBA students who are helping facilitate the group and, yours truly.

Update 2

Here is how Toronto’s waste breaks down in terms of sources:

Private sector waste 610,000 tonnes 34%
Durham & York Regions 318,000 tonnes 18%
Agencies, departments 100,000 tonnes 6%
Small commercial 86,000 tonnes 5%
Residential collection 697,000 tonnes 37%

Total 1,811,000 tonnes

Update Three

Table one’s team consisted of the following involved citizens: Marcelo Affonso, Mauricio Affonso, Jules Goss, Charles Ritchie, Megan Griffith-Greene, Gilbert Li, Janice Keil, and Azadeh Sabour. Together, they pulled apart the key issues of trash management in the city. Their main focus: education, education, education.

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