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2005 12 30
imageWe received this comment on the "Hidden Toronto" posting:

Toronto needs to begin 2006 by healing the wounds of city-wide gunfire from 2005.

I was the one who almost immediately after the police tape was removed from the Yonge Street Boxing Day crime scene, created what the media has been referring to as a "makeshift memorial" for the young victim who we now know as Jane Glenn Creba.

I am organizing an hour long vigil on Monday January 2nd, from 5 pm to 6 pm with a moment of silence at exactly 5:19 pm.

It will take place on both sidewalks along Yonge Street between Elm and Gould Streets.

That moment of silence will be exactly one week to the minute (to the best of my understanding from media reports) when Jane Creba and the others were shot.
The moment of silence is for ALL the victims of gunfire in 2005.

I have a webpage and blog up online :


Please attend if you can, and BYOC, bring your own candles and BYFC, brings candles for others?
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 12/30 at 01:48 PM

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