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2005 03 30
Urban Beach
imageMontrealers have often said that Toronto is a city of bankers, devoid of (mont)real playfulness and any truly fun or spirited art and culture.

But that was before ``The Heart of the City'' was created. And it says something wonderful about this city when the main centerpiece at the ``Heart of the City'' (Dundas Square) is a splashpad peppered with 600 ground nozzles that rise and fall in a playfully teasing way, that fills us with youthful energy, whether we choose to frolic in the water, or just sit and read our newspaper near the Fountain of Youth.

It certainly changes the image of the city, from one of mundane banking details, to one that's a fun and playful epicenter of art and culture.

The mathematical beauty of the regular lattice of periodic tiles is a stroke of architectural genius. Every seventh tile is made of a slightly different texture, and interleaves with the 5-tile periodicity of the two rows of ten fountains, spaced 5 tiles apart.

Slabs are approx. 35inches by 35inches (square), period is 5 slabs; stagger between fountains is 2 slabs, then 3 slabs.
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