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2005 04 01
Union Station-Part 3
RT-US2.jpgimageOn autumn night rambles, leaving our bed so we could return to it, restless, we trespassed over sagging fences to stand by the tracks, the whole night alive with our holding. I was as fearless as you except for that moment, always sudden, of eerie silent wind and tearing light, those suspended seconds before the massive shape bore down, and suddenly darkness again. It terrified me every time, that a train, so huge and hurtling could approach this way, silent as fate, cracking the night into before and after, like a terrible consciousness bearing down on us.

How dangerous it was to love this way, with nothing left. No one else could tear open the night like you – or leave behind such chilling space.

Meanwhile, as we walked home broken and grateful, the trains passed on and arrived at Union Station. All the sleepy children who woke disoriented in the bright lights of the platform. All the travelers who were greeted. All those with no one waiting.
[email this story] Posted by Anne Michaels on 04/01 at 08:35 AM

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