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2005 04 05
Tuesday - Street Car
imageeither way
there's a service charge
is every one doing that now?
I have no idea actually
want to go to that place or the other place?
ok that's three years ago
red lobster
the stupidest thing you could actually do
come here
don't touch me
you should see what you get
Bathurst Toronto western
did you see that?
Denison Avenue
lobster salad
Spadina streetcars Spadina
11 till 2
what's your problem? why not?
no I like to
next Beverley
I had to blow dry my hair
I don't even know
University Patrick
at least I could talk
too bad it wasn't Friday night
there's shit everywhere
schedule wise
Bay street bus station
Young street exit back doors
[email this story] Posted by Terence Van Elslander on 04/05 at 08:48 AM

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