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2006 04 22
Trucks Kill Cyclists - CIty Council to Blame
Story by Lloyd Alter
Every day I hop onto my bike and every day I am nervous. I live near Davenport Road so I get to use the bike lanes, but there are always cars and couriers and vans parked in it, forcing me out into traffic. On Bay Street, I have a nice wide lane devoted to taxis, buses and bikes, except it is full of cars and there is never a cop in sight. I know I have a right to ride my bike in the City, but you would never know it by the people who honk at me, who clog the bike lanes, who turn right in front of me.

imageYesterday two cyclists were killed by trucks. I knew one of them- a professor of pharmacology and a molecular neurobiologist at U of T, Hubert van Tol was an athlete who was probably biking all his life. He could row circles around me. He knew his way around bikes but not around dump trucks. We have lost an important scientist and a great athlete and the blame lies squarely on a City Council that pays lip service to the concept of bikes as transportation but in reality will do little but paint a line, and on a police force that will not even make a pretense of enforcing the laws.

[email this story] Posted by Lloyd Alter on 04/22 at 12:25 PM

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