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2005 08 11
Toronto’s Lost Eatons Co. 94 Years Ago
Cultural historians will appreciate this advertisement from the 1912 issue of, "Canada To-Day." Statistics in the publication include: in 1911 Canada gave away land to immigrants equivalent in size to twice the area of Wales: 300,000 new immigrants arrived in Canada in 1911: the value of new buildings in Canada's 31 Cities was $128,000,000: Canada's population was 7,081,869.

Where did Toronto fit in? Our population was 376,240 - second in size to Montreal. 170 newspapers and periodicals were published here. We had 900 manufacturing companies and an art gallery, theatres, opera houses, and 275 churches. The Eaton's building shown above was Toronto's premier "skyscraper." Note that in order to find skilled workers Eatons offered "excellent paying positions" in a factory that contained "all the latest Sanitary Improvements." They "aim to make conditions for our employees as pleasant and profitable as possible." Also note that in the days before universal health care Eatons stated that, "Our Employees' Welfare Department assures every consideration and aid in cases of illness." It is easy to see why Eatons was a Canadian success story for more than a century.
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