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2006 11 03
Toronto’s Convenience Gallery Movement
One of the reasons people who don't know art wander around saying dumb things like, "I could have done that," is because they never see art in the context of their own lives. A few Toronto galleries are trying to change that.

Artist Flavio Trevisan let me know yesterday about a new window gallery opened at 58 Lansdowne.
As part of a growing number of artist and designer run window galleries in Toronto, (such as Solo Exhibition and Fly Gallery) we hope to encourage the experience of art in people’s everyday experience of the City. Starting October, we’ll have a new artist every month. It’s always open, and you can even view it from the bus. It’s part of the reason we call it Convenience Gallery.

[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 11/03 at 07:11 AM

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