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2007 02 04
Toronto Transit Camp Kicks Off

We are here, too early on a Sunday morning, at a brainstorming session but the cause is a good one: Toronto Transit Camp. In case you haven't been following the story, Reading Toronto challenged TTC Chair Adam Giambrone to listen to how Toronto's blogging community would improve the tired TTC Website. One month later about 130 involved citizens are putting on one of the most anticipated idea jam sessions the city has seen.

Today's task is to work together in a "charrette-like" environment to better the better way. We'll be back on and off throughout the day with updates.

Update 1

The assembled group of TTC fans are here with representatives from the TTC and from the city (Hi Adam) while the TTC Transit Camp organizers explain how the day will work. Great enthusiasm from everyone involved.

Bob Brent is here. Bob brought the TTC into the Internet world some eight or nine years ago. He is a strong advocate of bettering the website and improving the TTC's connection with the community.

TTC Camp organizer Misha Glouberman fires up the assembled crowd with an explanation on how to tackle the TTC Website design jam.

Update 2
The "Grid" wall with topics. Contributors add topics they want to discuss on an ad-hoc basis.


Update 3
The NewMindSpace founders explain their TTC parties and their love of public transit everywhere.
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