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2005 04 04
Toronto, the Clean and Beautiful City-6
imageToronto – are you clean yet? The fleets of street sweepers and Mad Vacs rush to and fro – cleaning litter from the casual deviance of our new culture. Do we not feel responsible for her, our forgotten landscape that gives us such opportunity and offers seemingly unconditional tolerance for our misbehaviors?

Abandoned makeshift homes on wealthy corners, gum on the sidewalks, butts on the street – plastic bags hang from trees – snagged from a whipping wind. Looking beneath the gentle flowers planted as saviors for the masses – dedicated little boxes of spring – I see a plastic fork.

Snow comes and covers the city – wrapping it like a white blanket of purification in the wee hours of the morning. Toronto is beautiful. Cloaked in virginity. By daylight – the edges of the blanket torn by transport vehicles – bastardized with pollution. I am depressed.

I pass a homeless woman on the street – her eyes show signs of seeing too much but are without life themselves – her blankets dirty with slush – scattered trash in her personal bubble. She is protective of it. I offer her my coat – she refuses twice and I move on – glancing back the Mad Vac is closing in.
[email this story] Posted by Samantha Sannella / Design Exchange on 04/04 at 09:02 AM

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