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2005 04 02
Toronto, the Clean and Beautiful City-4
imageFighting my way toward the Tunnel of Disgust, a nickname reserved for the hoarded area covering the Dundas subway entry, I was tempted to drive the Mad Vac away – at top speed. I imagined the driver hurriedly running from the Tim Horton’s, donuts flying from pockets, to demand the return of his clean machine. But, I am exhilarated! Spiriting away the remover of the offensive – the regulator of trash on the sidewalks – the powerful vacuum humming away – I grab the hose and the loosed napkins disappear. I am blissful – almost as if I have hit the delete key on Toronto’s immediate past. Is it possible to clean the entire city with a Mad Vac? Am I mad? Deliriously mad?

Almost daily I look for them – wanting and hoping to see them in action on the street - purifying the sidewalks –– sucking up the nastiness of objects, crushed plastic bottles, cigarette butts, forgotten flyers and newspaper ads settled after a wild ride in the wind.
[email this story] Posted by Samantha Sannella / Design Exchange on 04/02 at 08:02 AM

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