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2005 03 30
Toronto is a Multipli-city
imageimageAs architects, we must pay careful attention to, listen to, and observe how our many culturally and ethnically-diverse communities are contributing to the development of our surroundings. Our urban conditions and the associated architectural manifestations are developing in ways that are informal and often unplanned. If designers fail to consider these changes, then we will have missed valuable opportunities to contribute to the spatial qualities of our communities. The current situation of the suburban strip malls for example, represents a type of space where complex socialization patterns occur across various socio-economic segments of the population that requires considered designed solutions. Commerce, religion, education, and public spaces are being developed, occupied and understood in these mall territories that will continue to arrange themselves as something distinctly heterogeneous and Canadian. Our challenge is to continue to facilitate the evolution of these cosmopolitan opportunities in our cities and ensure that design opportunities flourish as social trends evolve across cultures and throughout Canada. It is difficult to plan for elements of our city that are appropriated and mutated by our various populations. Nonetheless, the strength of Toronto’s character resides in these multiple readings being developed by our many ethnic communities, hence Toronto’s reading as Multipli-city.
[email this story] Posted by Ian Chodikoff on 03/30 at 08:11 AM

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