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2007 11 13
Toronto Got Itself a Subway…….Really!

Sure, the CBC may be trying to reach out to younger viewers with progressively hipper programming and hosts, but sometimes all you need to do is look back; leave us not forget the comedy gold that can be found in the CBC Archives.

Take this little gem for instance: a short video from 1954 celebrating the opening of Canada's first subway, done in truly camp 50's style. Everything from shots of a ripped up Yonge St, to instructions on how to use the subway - complete with token dispensing machines which, according to the overly enthusiastic narrator, look like they might dispense gum in another circumstance - is set to that manic 50's string score.

And although its not news to anyone that the TTC needs to seriously rehaul its outdated look, this video makes it startlingly clear how little TTC signage has changed in the last half century.

You can see other vintage CBC video here and hear vintage CBC radio here.

Image by Tsaiware

Liza Badaloo is, admittedly, a bit of a transit nut.
[email this story] Posted by Liza Badaloo on 11/13 at 02:41 AM

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