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2005 09 19
Toronto 2005: Marc Emery 0, Handguns 28 (now 42) - Reprised
Today the Globe and Mail's editors commented on the hypocrisy of US officials who scold Canadians over our pot laws while allowing thousands of illegal guns to flood north across our mutual border. The posting below is reprised from a Reading Toronto posting done a few weeks ago. The only thing that has changed is that fourteen more Torontonians have been murdered since then due in large part to that influx of illegal guns. Meanwhile, Marc Emery's extradition to the US - where he might face life in prison for doing something Canadians don't think is illegal - is still in the works.image
Many Canadians were surprised last week when Marc Emery, a British Columbia politician and marijuana activist, was arrested by Halifax police because of a warrant issued in the United States. This action gave us reason to reflect on the dangers we face as citizens of Canada's largest city. No matter what your stand is on the issue of legalizing marijuana use, we are often obliged to make choices on how our public resources and legal institutions are best used to promote and maintain a civilized society. So, after thirty years of Canadian royal commissions and medical studies, the consensus is that pot is - well - a medicinal drug. No real threat to life there. On the other hand, the Globe and Mail reports today that Toronto's Mayor has gone to the Prime Minister's Office for help in stopping the handgun related deaths that are terrorizing the city. So far this year twenty-eight Torontonians have been killed with handguns, many shot dead because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

So where should our public resources go? One newspaper suggested that if Marc Emery is extradited to the US on conspiracy charges, then a precedent is set for Canada to issue warrants against manufacturers and distributors of handguns who know their weapons are making it across the Canadian border but continue their activities anyway. Which legal action do you think would have the greatest benefit to the safety of Canadians?
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