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2006 11 13
Today Is Get Out And Vote Day

Today, anyone who cares about the city has the opportunity to influence the way Toronto supports and promotes its cultural sector. If your Ward councillor supports the arts then throw your voting muscle behind their campaign. If not, well, let them know your displeasure by voting for a representative who does (assuming, of course, that on important issues like stewardship, accountability, sustainability, etc, they are otherwise equal).

Reading Toronto was disappointed when Mayor Miller declined an invitation to debate his position on Toronto's garbage crisis. That aside, while the campaign for mayor brought out a few dissenting voices, we feel that Miller's job is only half done. His first three years as mayor have set the stage for some long overdue changes in the city. If he receives a mandate today, the city's cultural sector - which makes up a sizable part of Toronto's revenue base - must hold Miller to his promises to improve the waterfront and strengthen Toronto's urban planning and design strategies - to mention just a few culture-critical areas needing attention.

Whatever your view on the mayor, take fifteen minutes out of your day and get your voice heard. If there is one truth in local politics it is that politicians listen to the ballet box.
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 11/13 at 01:51 PM

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