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2005 07 29
The Thimble

"a reflection on the contributions of the workers & on the presence of touch in the making of garments . . ."

That's the inscription one can read inside the hole of one of the "button benches" beside The Thimble. Or rather, the sculpture which sits on the northwest corner of Richmond and Spadina titled "Uniform Measure / Stack" by Stephen Cruise. Standing 9 feet tall, the giant stack of coloured buttons and the bronze thimble which sits on top marks the Fashion District area. (Don't forget to look down and you'll see the measuring tape embossed into the surrounding pavement.)

This icon for the neighbourhood is but one of many landmarks I walk right by all the time and never stopped to pay attention to. I've worked and lived in this area for the past 7 years and only a few times I've asked myself: "How did that get here?"

It turns out this sculpture is just one of eight public art pieces commissioned by the TTC to complement the re-opening of the Spadina streetcar line in 1997. So they were erected just before I frequented the area regularly. I had noticed the other community markers but never fully understood their connection.

Now I know.
[email this story] Posted by Gilbert Li on 07/29 at 12:45 AM

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