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2007 04 24
The Seven Wonders of Toronto Project

With the recent buzz surrounding the Hot Docs film Let’s All Hate Toronto in mind, I was certainly loving Toronto last weekend; that gloriously warm weekend where long covered flesh was revealed, and the streets nearly dripped with sensuality. On Sunday an Oakville-residing friend and I went for a frolic along the College West strip. Seeing her glee at the numerous patios and independent clothing shops that I have passed without much thought for so many years reminded me that I often take Toronto’s lively streetscapes and diverse shops for granted. Don’t we all?

So then, when I heard that the CBC shows The National and Sounds Like Canada are having a contest asking people to write in and tell them what the Seven Wonders of Canada should be, it got me thinking….how about the Seven Wonders of Toronto? We all know that Toronto has many treasures which lay in the shadow of the CN Tower; let’s bring them to light!

If there is enough interest, I am seriously considering starting a Seven Wonders of Toronto Project, which would aim to select seven wonders and explore their essence with both historical research and art-based techniques such as photography, prose/poetry/slam poetry, visual art, site specific installations, music, video, interpretive dance, whatever can be arranged. If you would be interested in participating in this project or have ideas for what the Seven Wonders should be, I would love to hear from you by comment here or by . To be eligible as a ‘wonder’, it must be a specific place or structure that currently exists in the City of Toronto.

Image taken by me from Ward's Island in 2006.
[email this story] Posted by Liza Badaloo on 04/24 at 05:50 AM

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