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2006 10 02
The Reading Toronto Cell Phone Film Competition And Festival

The trailer from SMS Sugar Man, a full-length feature film shot entirely on cell phones by Aryan Kaganof.

"SMS Sugar Man" caused a stir when it was released earlier this year and is yet another example of how the tools of media are being put into the hands of the "rest of us."

In the spirit of this new medium, we're excited to announce the Reading Toronto cell phone film competition.

This is how it works:

Make about a one minute short film using a cell phone. The topic is up to you but the film has to be shot in Toronto or be about Toronto (of course, since this is Reading Toronto, we love to see anything to do with the city's artists and designers).

Put your film up on YouTube.com and send us a link to it (we can help if you need it). Our email is info (at) readingtoronto.com.

We will screen the films as we receive them and let our readers help decide who is aspiring to be Canada's next David Cronenberg or Atom Egoyan.

The competition ends December 31st, 2006 and entries will be screened at the Reading Toronto Cell Phone Film Festival beginning January, 2007.

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