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2005 06 17
The Minimal City - Part 2 - Reprised
A city using minimalism for its guiding principles does not automatically result in a Corb-like Ville Radieux. What we imagine is something more like, using a Toronto example, the effect of shopping in the concourse of the Toronto Dominion Bank on Bay Street. Have you had this experience? Every passageway leading to the TD is a chaotic array of merchandising and branding that intends to distract but not delight the passing pedestrian. Then a threshold of clarity is passed. The shopper enters a zone that excels in a number of functional and aesthetic ways. People continue to shop. Yet this space seems to be able to accommodate more people with an ease that is inspirational. Imagine a city designed on similar principles.
[email this story] Posted by Johnson Chou on 06/17 at 11:37 AM

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