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2006 06 01
The Hippest Ride
imageWhat could be more stylish than peddling a jorg&olif city bike? Inspired by classic Dutch design and completely in-tune with metropolitan living, the jorg&olif has made its mark in North American by marketing itself as the bike that can tackle the hills of our cities. With a motto like ‘its about enjoying the journey’, who could resist slowing down to enjoy the ride on a euorpean inspired bicycle? As sensible, stylish and popular as the bicycles may seem, the company is all about promoting enjoying life ‘it's not about getting from A to B; it's about enjoying the journey in-between’. Let’s forget that it’s a chic ride, the reality is gas prices are rising and for approximately $850.00 why not enjoy the scenery while you ride. Sit back, relax and cycle on over to jorg&olif bicycle boutique in Vancouver, B.C. Besides these bikes will look fabulous with everything from a pinstripe suit to a set of high heels and will be conscientious of the environment. Come on Toronto, sit tall and take a ride on the wild side, peddle your way to the top….of Avenue road and St. Clair that is. For more info contact directly or hit Lileo in the distillery district this weekend and take one for a spin.
[email this story] Posted by Jules Morielli on 06/01 at 07:04 PM

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