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2005 11 12
The Face of the Suspect, Live 2
Jeanne Randolph is talking about the human psyche being pushed through the material - and the comprehension of evil. She talked about a monkey she once saw at the old Riverdale Zoo that contemplated - metaphorically or course - the military industrial complex through a piece of its own excrement.

Cheryl Sourkes is now talking about her work on the use of "Webcams" on the Internet. She says "Webcams are a way people empower themselves by showing their reality to the world."

She's giving a tour of a variety of Webcams from Alaska to Israel.

'We are all suspects" says Andrews. He refers to the Brazilian man who was killed by the London police because the officer assigned to watch had stepped away to pee.

The culture of suspicion, all suggest, is a powerful device used to control others. There is, according to Randolph, a kind of pleasure in the lust for power that politicians get from the people.

For those readers who don't know, Jeanne Randolph is a psychiatrist and art critic. Her thoughts come from a unique hybrid of the two. She's talking about a phenomenon of interrogation from the second world war where the interrogators called in a psychiatrist to find out why the prisoners were telling everything almost without resistance. The answer? That culture found comfort in revealing to power figures everything they knew.

What are the implications to art and culture - if any?
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