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2005 11 12
The Face of the Suspect, Live
Stephen Andrews' is talking now about "the interrogation of the transmission of information." His emphasis here is on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Here is some information about Stephen from the Platform gallery website.

For the last couple of years, Andrews has been working through the fascination and the horror of the news coverage of the war in Iraq. He says, "I really felt that looking at the horror of war for a couple of years was burning a hole in the center of me. The images of war are viral and indelible. Once they go in you can't get them out." In this most recent work he has found imagery that is "more beatific, that is to say illustrative of some kind of transformative moment that may or may not be redemptive. 'Going into the light' may be a description of the moment of dying that we the living can understand or it may signal a coming out of a time of darkness." The work is ultimately about hope.

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