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2005 04 05
The Cure and the Pedicure - 7
imagePodiatric purgatory is a very special state. Mind and body are at odds. Mind races; body stutters. Mind dreams sunlit dreams; body groans in the unavoidable dark of pain and frustration. Deprived of even the modest comforts of a martini or shot of single malt lest they undermine the effectiveness of the medication; confined to quarters months on end, receiving visits from nurses and caregivers, lab technicians and couriers, gas meter readers and so on, … one begins to wonder if the world is still there, if this Ionesco play is real, if, outside my front door, Toronto begins. One begins to study one’s feet in earnest. One begins to listen to the radio. Which is how, as I told you, I heard the news that …
[email this story] Posted by Vera Frenkel on 04/05 at 08:38 AM

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