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2005 04 03
The Cure and the Pedicure - 5
imageStrung between ambition and the insurance industry, they ply their noble trade.

I thought of the kilometres of text I had read prior to the operation, of the seven hours of pre-op unpleasantness during which every possible worst-case scenario was articulated (Do you know anything about anaesthesia? asked the senior resident, a grim-faced woman who took her obligations seriously. I shook my head. Death is a possibility, she said); the late-night crawls through the internet studying differences between British, Canadian and U.S. approaches to joint repair. Of the many dismal weeks in a so-called re-hab hospital, fraught with filth, sadism and endless fire-alarms, where I was subject to various experts on this or that aspect of recovery. None of these sources shared with me the ‘common knowledge’ that a foot treatment could prove life-threatening.
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