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2005 04 01
The Cure and the Pedicure - 3
imageThe nails weren’t removed then or later, but he did keep threatening, which had its desired effect. Plus Christmas was looming. Not a major trauma but not a time of year when medical matters are dealt with sanely here. The doctors are on their cruises or skiing holidays; the labs claiming 24-hour service are mysteriously closed, and locating a functional pharmacy in a snow storm requires special powers of imagination and loyal friends ready to brave the treacherous conditions. Somewhere in the midst of my struggle to reach a health practitioner of any kind, I heard from my rented hospital bed by the fire a CBC announcement that 10,000 nurses were to be laid off, many of them from Toronto hospitals.

But nurses in Toronto are already working twelve-hour shifts, I thought. I’m living proof of the long term costs and effects achieved by tired and underpaid hospital staff. That evening a friend comes to visit and tells me about hospital care in Argentina, where she spends several months each year. “You may have to bring your own sheets and towels,” she says, “but the care you get is superb!”
[email this story] Posted by Vera Frenkel on 04/01 at 08:31 AM

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