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2005 03 30
The City as Antenna
imageMany people believe that the Internet makes the city obsolete because it allows businesses to remove themselves from the congestion of urban living. After all, money no longer needs banks and mail is something we send more with the press of a computer button than we do by walks to the post office.

Cities have proven to be resilient though. In fact, rather than undermining the need for common social spaces, the Internet and more recently cell phone messaging have intensified the city. An unimagined relationship between the city and new communications technologies is evolving. Look at the "Smart Mob" phenomenon as an example. The city plaza / cell messaging duo have precipitated at least two recent political upheavals - both relatively peaceful by revolution standards.

Toronto too is experiencing this digitally driven intensification. There is something in the air that cannot be ascribed only to the recent building boom. People are talking about the city. Governments are acting proactively to limit its sprawl into the countryside. They're also making strong moves to re-imagine the waterfront. Is it true? Is there a new awareness of the city? If so, where will it lead?
[email this story] Posted by Robert Ouellette on 03/30 at 08:06 AM

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