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2006 02 10
The Box - Feb 22 at the Rivoli
imageHi Everybody,

The Box invites you to an evening of fiction, music, performance and film by: Austin Clarke, Ariel Garten, Luis Jacob, Warren Kinsella, Laurel MacDonald, Maggie MacDonald, Tasman Richardson and Fiona Smyth. We hope to see you there. Please forward to your friends who you think may be interested in this evening.

8 pm
Wednesday, February 22
Rivoli, 332 Queen W. (Back Room)
pwyc, $5 suggested donation

Host: Louise Bak

416-351-0416 (tel)

The Box is a quarterly salon night of readings, performances, screenings, interventions and networking that aims to bring diverse artistic communities and audiences into an environment of artistic and social intermingling.

Austin Clarke is the winner of the 1999 W.O. Mitchell Prize, awarded each year to a Canadian writer who has produced an outstanding body of work and served as a caring mentor for other writers. Since 1964 Austin Clarke has published nine novels and five short-story collections in the United States, England and Canada. He is the winner of the Commonwealth Prize, Giller Prize and the Trillium Book Award for his novel, The Polished Hoe. His most recent book is Love and Sweet Food, a culinary memoir.

Ariel Garten holds a neuroscience degree from the University of Toronto, as well being an artist and former clothing designer. On the scientific front, she has studied in vivo neurodegeneration of dopaminergic cells in Parkinsons Models at the Toronto Western Research Institute, and on the artistic front she has exhibited her design work from the Banff Center for the Arts to the Art Gallery of Ontario, to her College St boutique, Flavour Hall. Her projects frequently bridge art and neuroscience, such as creating concerts in which participants brain waves, as read by EEG, modulate performers musical output. She has been recognized for her fashion that bridges art and science, such as shirts sporting ones brain waves or growing fungal colonies, in dozens of print media and television features.

Luis Jacob is an artist and writer living in Toronto. Recent solo exhibitions of his work include Habitat, Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto, Ontario); Flashlight, Toronto Sculpture Garden (Toronto, Ontario); Open Your Mouth and Your Mind Will Follow, which travelled to Articule, (Montreal, Quebec), Artspace Gallery(Peterborough, Ontario), AKA Gallery (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan), The New Gallery (Calgary, Alberta); and Towards a Theory, Het Wilde Weten (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). Luis Jacob is represented by Birch Libralato, Toronto.

Warren Kinsella has been called „the Liberal Party‚s resident pit bull (Canoe), as one of the country‚s most controversial and outspoken political commentators and consultants. He is also a lawyer and newspaper and magazine columnist. He is the author of Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics, the best-selling Web of Hate and the recent Fury‚s Hour: A (Sort-Of) Punk Manifesto. He lives in Toronto with his wife and his four children, still plays in a punk band and has a dog named after a Ramones song.

Laurel MacDonald‚s voice and compositions have appeared in many dance, theatre, film, and television productions, and she has released three solo CDS: Kiss Closed My Eyes (1995), Chroma (1999), and Luscinia‚s Lullaby (2005). Laurel recently completed work as sound designer and musical director for the production of No Great Mischief for the Great Canadian Theatre Company in Ottawa, and as composer for the production of This Castle for Moonhorse Dance Theatre in Toronto. In 2003, she and partner Philip Strong received a Gemini Award for their score for the dance film The Year of the Lion, and her latest C Luscinia‚s Lullaby was chosen as the #1 Essential Echoes CD of 2005 by the Public Radio Internatonal radio program Echoes, heard across the US.

Maggie MacDonald is the author of the novel 'Kill the Robot' (McGilligan Books) and currently serves as Writer in Residence at Hart House at the University of Toronto. Her rock musical, The Rat King, was performed in Toronto in January, and she is currently working on a graphic novel of the story. Maggie is also a member of the bands The Republic of Safety and The Hidden Cameras. For information see: http://www.mcgilliganbooks.com

Tasman Richardson is a videomaker, electronic composer, designer, curator, and organizer. He is not a vj. Over the past 10 years he has exhibited or performed in Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Egypt, England, France, Finland, Holland, Iceland, Peru, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and The United States. His work focuses on the spectacle of the tele-visionary existence, video as language, and the re-unification of sound and image. He has performed and collaborated under the aliases M.O.I., JAWA, Pox, FAMEFAME, theblameshifter, IBM, OHVOV, Anvil, Polygon Noose, and Noise-Op. He currently lives near a bar in Toronto, Canada. His artworks are available through Vtape, Artcore, Art Metropole, Microcinema International, Ant-zen, and FAMEFAME.

Fiona Smyth is a Toronto based artist exploring popular and alternative cultural icons and imagery. Smyth's work always probes these timely societal, sometimes intense and always relevant topics with a sense of humour, wonder and catastrophic consequence. She also employs surrealist, abstractionist, spiritual, feminist and pro-sexual strategies to achieve her unique aesthetic. Her use of media also reflects this range of interest by using different formats from which to engage her audience including illustration, painting, animation, music covers, web-based art and her fabulous murals. Smyth has exhibited in Taichung /Taiwan, Venice/ Lido, Jeollabuk-Do/ South Korea, New York City, Winnipeg and most recently The Chimera's Daughters at SPIN Gallery in Toronto. http://www.fionasmyth.com


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