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2005 04 03
That Drake Cafe Kid
imageI woke up this morning at 8:17 am. Krik in my back. Damn. went back to sleep for 10 more when I remember my clock is 10 min fast (weird how it works every morning).

I decided to shave my head this morning, which took me 45 min, making me late for work. I rode my bike to work and wore my contacts, the combo of which along with my already delirious state left me feeling a bit like someone had shoved mashed potatoes into my eyes.

I've got a sniffly stuffy cold again, have to remember not to chat with customers about it, I do serve food after all (and wash my hands frequently).

I was greeted by sunshine bluegrass vixen Marnie Lee McCourty and the latest addition to the growing Drake 'Chris army' , Chris Flaro. That brings it up to 6 or 7 I think. Soon we shall conquer the universe.

I am Chris Prime. Love me.

Made a latte or 8, buttered a bagel or 6, said "$1.61, please" more times than any man should have to. All the business was from sunny spring day walkers passing through on their way to somewhere else. My manager Jenn came in around 10.. that girl gets taller every day. And puuurtier. Jeff Rogers looked at me through his bangs and said "Chris, do you write?" I don't remember what I said, but here I am writing. I think he hypnotized me or something because the next hour or so is a bit of a blur.

It was very busy in the cafe, but just not for me. To go to go to go.

The day dragged on.... I told James Simpson, singing bum, to stop singing...and felt a bit guilty.

I'm so fucking stuffed up today. Dammit.

Bruce LaBruce came in wearing an Andy Warhol T-shirt. Didn't seem to notice MY Warhol T-shirt. Curses. I made mine myself. So there.

Saw a regular named Gord... he's a closed eye talker.. you know the type: the get so intensely into articulating their thoughts that they close their eyes while talking to you. Kind of unnerving and a bit fascinating. David Christian, our former chef does this too. Could this be the secret to not coming across as an inarticulate oaf most of the time, thinking before speaking? Hmmm, I should try that.

Transexual fella (gal?) came in...white trash guy sitting across didn't seem to notice. The Mom's came with their babies, the bitchy but cool fourty-something ladies came in and ordered their "Lesbian Breakfast" as they call it (granola, fruit, and yogurt). We had our regular visit from Stephen from Queer As Folk (I think we should just give him a room to live in) to brighten up our day. He really makes us feel appreciated.

Stober stopped by, Billio breezed through.... Jasmine floated in for a bit.

I work in the cafe as a server on Thursdays and Fridays and as a bartender in the lounge on weekends. It's kind of like working at two completely different jobs. The vibe's are vastly different, yet somehow it all comes together in a delicious gooey mixture. Everybody's so lovely at The Drake...I love them all, even if I sometimes hate serving people (eeer I mean...yeah, I looove serving people).

Meetings were had,
lattes were made,
bagels were buttered,
indie rock was played,
In The Drake Cafe.

Asia came in at the end of the day and sexually harrassed me AGAIN... geez louise....That's actually one of the best things about working here... the rampant sexual harrassment I receive makes me feel loved like that slutty girl in high school with the feather roach clip on her bowling ball bag purse. Cheap and Easy. Hot. Too bad Asia's a girl... damn hot chicks...

I sat on the patio after work in the chilly Spring(?) air with Marno and Annie, who told me how she'd just bought a huge collection of dental X-rays from the 60s on e-bay. Got on my bike and came home... so nice to be riding again. Watched America's Next Top Model "Omigod, she has FLESH EATING DISEASE!!". Got a call from My Mom And Grandparents, 3 identical weather reports later I'm about ready to hit the sack. Off to bed and off to work in the morn.

Seeya at the Main Bar.
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