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2006 07 08
Talk With Cronenberg About Warhol
Toronto's bloggers are once again assembled at the AGO for the launch of a new show. This time it's the Warhol show curated in part by Canadian filmmaker, David Cronenberg who is here answering questions for the group. There are about twenty or so of the usual blogging suspects all either typing or filming or taking pictures - we're huddled in a small room next to the gallery - and getting in each other's way. Still, Cronenberg is handling it all with the calm you would expect from someone who has done Cannes more times than he'd probably want to remember.

I asked David about his history with interactive media including the online Cronenberg museum, Nervegate, and how it influences his films now. That interactive show was conceived by local artist and architect Brian Boigon. Cronenberg said the kind of things you'd expect. The next question I asked was did he see the obvious connection between his latest film, "The History of Violence," and this show on Warhol. His answer was that his film "Crash" had much more to do with a Warhol view of the world. He talked about a friend who came to this show expecting to enjoy (what I'll describe as) the now commodified vision of Warhol's POP work. They left the gallery down and depressed by the strength of the work and the show's curatorial view. Cronenberg said this made him happy (He said this in a tongue-in-cheek, I'm David Cronenberg after all kind of way which made the bloggers laugh).

I'll have a posting about the show in the next few days.
[email this story] Posted by R Ouellette on 07/08 at 10:07 PM

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