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2005 03 31
Subterranean Landscapes
imageIn the exurban regions or Toronto, the city recently built itself the capricious Yonge-Sheppard subway line that is grafted onto the main Yonge Street subway arterial. This subway line runs along an under-developed suburban corridor and terminates essentially at an Ikea store and a North York General Hospital. Along the several subway stops, one can find a series of public art projects. One that is particularly thought provoking is Stacey Spiegel's Immersion Land. Using a panoramic camera, Spiegel processed a series of photographs onto millions of tiny porcelain tiles. These tiles present images that are clear from a distance but pixellated and abstract when viewed at close range. The murals are in many ways representative of the city. Spiegel's installation suggests a displaced landscape of nostalgia and one of an imagined farmland that might have existed several metres above the transit platform before succumbing to the inexorable urban sprawl and development of the past fifty years.
[email this story] Posted by Ian Chodikoff on 03/31 at 08:27 AM

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