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2005 06 13
Steel Frame - ROM 3 - Reprised
imageWhile enjoying the opportunity to see an emerging architectural intervention, it is interesting to note how the steel skeleton does not touch any of the existing walls of the ROM. The skeleton stretches and leans, but does not impose its weight upon the original building. It reaches out independently from any existing structure, yet remains protected within the open courtyard of the existing building. For now, the Crystal’s skeleton allows the imagination to interpret its final form. It has already become clear that the forecourt of the new ROM will give the citizens of fair Toronto an outdoor urban space to appropriate and call their own. As construction advances, the skeleton will be given its cladding and a more genteel appearance.

But for now, one can appreciate the bravado of the steel workers, their shop drawings and the thousands of tons of steel that have been forged, bent, drilled, welded and bolted into place.
[email this story] Posted by Ian Chodikoff on 06/13 at 12:55 PM

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