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2005 03 31
Speculation Two - Improvements to Trinity Bellwood Park
imageimageTrinity Bellwood Park in Toronto’s western downtown neighbourhood is a 37-acre park constructed in the post-landfill remains of the Garrison Creek ravine. It is one of the city’s best-loved and used parks. Home to a soccer pitch, baseball field, hockey rink, tennis courts, and a recreation centre, the park hosts a significant amount of organized sports activity. In the summer months, the park is programmed cultural festivals, a contemporary dance series, an art exhibition and a large community lawn sale.

Most significantly, however, the park is heavily used on a casual basis by dog walkers, friends playing catch and cricket, parents with children, people picnicking, lovers, sledders, drumming circles, snow ballers, religious groups, late night strollers, cyclists, ultimate Frisbee players, joggers, and so forth. Any sunny weekend day - summer or winter - the park is busy. In the summer, the park is occupied peacefully all night long by dozens of locals - young and old - escaping the heat of the their homes.

The heavy use exerts a significant toll: garbage builds up quickly and the grounds require constant upkeep and replanting. City budget cuts have resulted in fewer garbage cans and fewer pick-ups resulting in even more garbage build up. Grounds care has also decreased.

This proposal would provide better-maintained park grounds and augment the park’s success with the addition of a desirable amenity. It proposes that the city convert an underused maintenance building into a café bar facility. The property would then be leased to a local operator. All rental income would go directly to the operating costs of the park. The facility would specialize in take-out coffee and refreshments for active park users and an indoor / outdoor seating area for those in repose.
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