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2005 04 04
Speculation Six - Improvements to Trinity Bellwoods Park 2
imageimageTrinity Bellwood Park is a much used, much loved park in the city of Toronto. However, in the summer months, maintenance of the park declines as a result of intense use. By mid-summer, litter and uncut lawns result in a depressing situation.

This proposal looks towards an innovative method to provide grounds keeping. It also offers to improve the picturesque qualities of the park.

It is proposed that approximately two-dozen sheep occupy the park. To ensure that the sheep remain within the park, they would be fitted with “invisible fence” collars, similar to those worn by estate dogs. Approximately three goats would share the park.

While there is nothing more romantic and picturesque than grazing sheep along green rolling hills, the great benefit of the herd is lawn maintenance. Grazing keeps the grasses to a consistent and orderly height. The goats will serve their purpose by doing what is natural to them; disposing of rubbish.

It is imagined that the adjacent community centre would take advantage of the situation and establish a 4H Club.
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