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2005 04 02
Speculation Four - Improvements to Toronto’s Beaches
imageimageLast summer, only one of Toronto’s fourteen beaches met the government’s water quality standards. The city trumpets the necessity of revitalizing its waterfront, but the funding that would solve water quality problems has not been forthcoming.

This proposal would generate revenue that could be used to re-establish safe and clean lake water, while providing the city’s beaches with the recreational amenities.

Each beach would be subdivided into 50-metre frontages. Every other lot would be leased long-term for the operation of private beach facilities. The operator would be required to maintain the adjacent lot as publicly accessible beach: removing garbage, raking the sand, etc. The money generated from the leased property would be directed to water quality improvement projects. The long-term lease would compensate the operator’s investment in the project even in the event of beach closure days due to unsafe water conditions during the first years of operation.

Modeled on great beaches around the world, the operators would provide, for a reasonable fee, private cabanas for changing into swimwear, lounge chairs with visors and umbrellas, refreshments, washroom facilities and perhaps even evening entertainment. At the same time, the project would work toward restoring the quality of lake water.
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