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2005 06 20
The topmost image depicts “Modern Harbour Development” at Toronto’s 100th anniversary in 1934. Once useful, the grain elevators are now obsolete yet evocative behemoths. Some have been taken down, and others sit dormant. On the Bathurst Quay the Canada Malting Silos have been the focus of several redevelopment concepts, including the “Metronome” project, but nothing’s gained traction yet. In May, 2005 Toronto City Hall hosted an event called “Building Housing, Building Cities: The Dutch Experience”. Sipke Mulder, of Dutch developer De Principaal, part of the visiting group of Dutch urbanists, showed an image (center) of a silo his company had converted to a mixed use building in Amsterdam. Copenhagen (bottom) boasts a similar project under construction, on a structure seemingly quite similar to Canada Malting. The Harbourfront Community Association takes a kick at the Canada Malting can tomorrow night, and invites you to join councillor Olivia Chow “to discuss converting this eyesore into a landmark…” http://www.toharbourfront.ca/silosite.htm

Top Illustration from “Toronto’s 100 Years, The Official Centennial Book, 1834 to 1934, Middleton, J. E., City of Toronto, 1934.
Bottom illustration from http://www.copenhagenx.dk/template/t15.php?menuId=128
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