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2006 09 28
Sally McKay Does Saturday Night At Nuit Blanche
Sally McKay will give bedtime fortune stories during breaks at the Heliconian Club this Saturday night-Sunday morning as part of a Nuit Blanche event curated by Emily Pohl-Weary.

"You are taking a shape but it might not last. Forming and reforming brings delight as well as loss. I see a dream where all the points of time are one, and all your states of being swell into a single ball the size of planet earth, including atmosphere."

Two of us then ate the entire pie in one sitting. Lemon meringue is like that.

So begins one of Sally McKay's "fortunes."

Bedtime Tales: Fables and Fantasies
A Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Event

On Saturday, Sept. 30, literary fantasia Bedtime Tales: Fables and
Fantasies will feature more than twenty local literary stars and
provocateurs, assembled in Yorkville's gothic Heliconian Club, located
at 35 Hazelton Avenue (one block east of Avenue Rd).

The authors will delight, entertain, and heat up the wee hours of the
morning in between stops on the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche route. Pause
for a cup of hot cocoa and cookies, grab a cushion, stretch out beneath
the vaulted ceilings, and enjoy tales of the night ranging from the
surreal to the sensual to the scary.

Here's the lineup:

Lillian Allen 7:01 PM
Hadley Dyer 7:30 PM

Olive Senior 8:00 PM
Jean Yoon 8:30 PM

Kerri Sakamoto 9:00 PM
Pam Mordecai 9:30 PM

Ibi Kaslik 10:00 PM
Tamara Faith Berger 10:30 PM

Russell Smith 11:00 PM
BREAK 11:30 PM

Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm 12:00 AM
Mariko Tamaki 12:30 AM

Kelley Armstrong 1:00 AM
Paul Hong 1:30 AM

Sabrina Jalees 2:30 AM

Kristyn Dunnion 3:00 AM
Caitlin Sweet 3:30 AM

R.M. Vaughan 4:30 AM

Andrew J. Paterson 5:00 AM

Gemma Files 6:00 AM
Emily Pohl-Weary 6:30 AM

Download the program book with readers' bio notes at:
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