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2005 12 16
ROM Unveils New Galleries
Box cover, detail of dragon
AD 1736-1795, Late Empire II; Qing Dynasty; Qianlong period

© Royal Ontario Museum, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

When doing research at the ROM's library years ago I was often told that the ROM's reaL treasures were hidden in the dark recesses of the building, away from the public. Curators bragged about the ROM's great collections but unless you were an academic or donor it was impossible to understand just how many artifacts were in the old building. The museum's often dark and dreary gallery spaces had enough work to bring people in but they never, ever impressed visitors as being part of a world class museum.

Yesterday the ROM's CEO unveiled the renovated galleries at the core of the old museum and Toronto will never be the same. What were once dowdy, maze-like spaces now are filled with light and a sense of rational order. And the collection is . . . sublime! At every turn there is work. Great work. It is easy to lose yourself in the collection and forget that this is Toronto. New York and London absolutely but Toronto. Who knew?

What's even more remarkable about the changes is that we're not even looking at the new Crystal. When that building is done the ROM WILL be seen as the world treasure its curators often claimed it to be.

The new galleries open to the public on Monday, December 26th. Go.
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