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2005 06 12
Reading the Festival - 6 - Reprised
imageKieslowski came to the festival for his retrospective and over the week I got to know him. He was due to fly back to Warsaw on the last day of the festival but he had time to walk over to the Showcase and introduce one of the greatest of the ten episodes: "A Short Film About Killing" prior to his flight. When we got to the theatre, pandemonium reigned. There was still a large crowd milling around, trying to get in. Inside, there was not a seat to be had. As soon as I entered the theatre with Kieslowski, the audience spontaneously rose to their feet and broke into tumultuous applause. It was like the crowning of a king. The memory still sends shivers down my spine. Krzsyztof said a few words, about how he was returning to a dark and grubby Warsaw, got into a waiting car and was gone from the festival.
[email this story] Posted by Piers Handling / Toronto Int'l Film Festival on 06/12 at 04:33 AM

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