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2005 04 02
Reading is Like Meandering Into Luminescence
imageHere I am at doorway N again. One old-fashioned idea is the idea of ceremony. It was an astonishing idea and remains so. It seems that while moving at a ceremonial pace a person is suffused with invisible light. Someone would feel translucent, though no one could actually see through them. A person would feel covered in almost unbearable warmth, like a tea leaf feels when suffused with steaming water. The almost unbearable liquid restores the leaf to colour. The leaf is limber and sings; soundless singing, ripples of flavour. A leaf so enhanced might surmise this to be an event bestowed by supernatural forces, even divine forces. Cause and effect aside, the ceremonial experience is luminescent. That is why I am standing here. Everything is still except my eyes. And behind them my mind. Gaze and consciousness sway left to right, return gracefully, lower, left to right, return gracefully, lower, left to rrrrTHERE! My mind receives the figure 666. This is just too undivine. The call number I see is 666.999.DOA. I slide the book off the shelf. Turning pages here. Hmmmmm.....Plate 3. Seventh Century B.C. Assyrian clay tablet. The texts contain recipes for many types of glass; they stress the importance of ceremonial purity. By purity I think they meant absence of hate.
[email this story] Posted by Jeanne Randolph on 04/02 at 08:28 AM

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