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2005 04 21
Reading in Toronto - Brown and Storey Architects

When James Brown and Kim Storey opened Dundas Square a few years ago there was an almost audible intake of breath from some critics who found it too, well, stark. Then something happened. The surrounding buildings that Brown and Storey premised their scheme on neared completion. The square's interactive elements came online. More than that, on almost any summer day the plaza filled with people using it in predictable and unpredictable ways. Sometime last year the critical mood changed. Dundas Square's robust inner beauty began to be appreciated. Experience it yourself. You can reach the square by subway at the Dundas stop on the Yonge Street Subway line.

What are the designers at Brown and Storey Architects reading?
Differences – Topographies of Contemporary Architecture
Writing Architecture series
By Ignasi de Sola-Morales
Translated by Graham Thompson, Edited by Sarah Whiting

Shift – Inside Nissan’s Historic Revival
By Carloa Ghosn and Philippe Ries
Currency Doubleday

Bernard Frize – Size Matters
Carre d’Art Musee d’art contemporain de Nimes
199-06-1999 - 26-09-1999
Actes Sud

The Unconquerable World
Jonathan Schell
Metropolitan Books

Stuart Kauffman
Ozford University Press

Land Mosaics
The Ecology of Landscapes and Regions
Richard T. T. Forman
Harvard University, Cambridge university Press

Landscape Urbanism
A Manual for the Machinic Landscape
Edited by Mohsen Mostafavi and Ciro Najle

Steps to an Ecology of Mind
Gregory Bateson
The University of Chicago Press
Chicago and London

Lafayette Park Detroit CASE
Hilberseimer / Mies van der Rohe
Charles Waldheim,
Harvard Design School

Ian McEwan

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