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2006 09 25
Reading Toronto’s News: September 25, 2006

Our good friends at Spacing.ca have launched yet another great public service for Torontonians. Spacingvotes is an online service that tracks Toronto’s election news while also providing insight into the election’s big issues. While there take a look at Topleftpixel’s photo of the old city hall.

Congratulations to Reading Toronto contributor (although, you may have read her other work elsewhere) Margaret Atwood for the successful demo of her “Long Pen” authors’ book signing technology. After a failed attempt to launch the product last spring, Atwood said, “I was horribly, horribly nervous [this morning],” she admitted. “I’m extremely relieved. This was a good moment.”

Toronto fashion student Nancy Hoang won a $2500 bursary for a for a dress made entirely our of bathroom tissue. Honest.

Want another good reason not to move out to the suburbs? The Toronto Star has it that at least 12 “underworld” types are living out in 905 land. And Stephen Harper thinks Canada’s downtowns are where people get shot.

Nicaso and Ron Sandelli, former head of intelligence for Toronto police, say it’s natural that mobsters were included in the explosion of growth in York Region over the past two decades.

Superheroes don’t concern themselves with bad guys though. A new training program out of Japan will soon have Torontonians joining the ranks of Spiderman.
Of course, who needs to work out when there are chemical alternatives to getting fit. The latest energy drink phenomenon is making Red Bull look like a ninety pound weakling. “Cocaine” is the newest contender for Toronto’s energy boost dollars. Candidates in the Mayor’s election race may just need the lift. Cocaine’s web site received 6 million hits when the product was first announced:
I would like to thank the millions of visitors to our website over the past seven days. There was no way we could have ever imagined the overwhelming response we have received this past week in response to the release of our new energy drink “Cocaine™”.

I would also like to apologize for the outages we experienced during the week. Our server was overloaded and the website and email had to be shutdown until a new server and a wider pipe could be put in to place to handle the load. We had a total of 6,738,165 web hits from Sunday through Saturday.

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