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2006 02 15
Put Your Money Where Your Modernism Is
When builders do a spec house, they usually keep it safe—putting up a traditional-looking pastiche. After all, who can afford not to sell such expensive inventory? Who can risk speculating on architecture of this century—of this moment?
But Toronto architect Chris McCormack, along with contractor partner Jesse Clarke and an equally valiant investor dared to build a modernist spec house. On the edge of Rosedale no less. Clarke started the project by restoring the Victorian façade, and then got McCormack involved. Originally, they planned to keep the Marlborough Avenue house a duplex. But somehow, McCormack says, “we got the courage to turn it into a single house and make it thoroughly modern”. The rear of the building was re-clad in galvanized aluminum and horizontal cedar boards; McCormack designed built-in furniture and cabinetry and an open plan approach for the main floor. The gamble worked. Long before finishing, the investor decided to buy it for himself, despite original misgivings about doing a modern treatment of the house. Maybe it could happen again.
[email this story] Posted by Amy Cross on 02/15 at 04:58 PM

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