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2005 09 12
public art or vandalism? - part 2

Further to my posting on 09/10, here is an update on the vandalized public artwork:

It seems that a well-intentioned but nonetheless overzealous group of mural painters has undertaken a project to paint a series of underpasses which run beneath the railway tracks north of Dupont Street. With the approval of a member of staff of the local City counsellor's office, this group, seemingly oblivious to the presence of the existing artwork, proceeded to paint over the artwork in what could only be called "art squatting".

Interestingly, apart from a few minor tags of the underpass walls, the underpass has remained relatively graffiti-free for the past 14 years. As soon as the mural was completed, the underpass has become a site for numours graffiti works, thus further compromising the context that the original artwork was intended to relate to.

Is this new mural an improvement to the underpass or an innapropriate wallpapering of heroic structures with pandering images?

This writer, for one, thinks that most of the City's infrastructure is better left as the heroic works of engineering which document the period of history in which they were created without the cloying images of flowers and other "pretty" pictures.

Your comments are welcome...
[email this story] Posted by Brad Golden / Lynne Eichenberg on 09/12 at 03:59 PM

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