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2006 03 21
imageWhat is your favorite new building?
McKinsey Building – University of Toronto
What is your favorite old building?
City TV building on Queen Street West (exterior) – it has a heart beat of it’s own; College Park event rooms (interior) - they are full of glam
What is your favorite street/intersection?
Street – Marmot Street; Intersection – Queen Street and Yonge Street
Where is the heart of the city?
Queen Street West
What do you like most / least about Torontonians?
Most – Diversity; Least – Rat Race Mentality
What do you consider the most over-hyped place in the city?
H&M on Bloor – I’m not a digger
If there was one Toronto place that no longer remains that you could visit for an afternoon what would it be?
The old shoreline
What is your favorite urban walk?
From St. Mary’s Street at Yonge to Milan Street, making my way through side streets and Allan Gardens
If you could change one thing about the city what would it be?
More City Holidays and fountains
If Toronto was reincarnated as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?
A cross between Donald Trump and Cindy Lauper
What’s your most treasured place in the city?
My home
Which two Toronto buildings would have the cutest offspring?
McKinsey Building and U of T Centre for Cellular and Bimolecular Research
Which Torontonians are changing the city?
Everyone everyday
What’s your favourite subway station?
Yonge and Eglinton because it smells like cinnamon 24/7
Who are your favorite designers / artists / architects?
Lisa Lupia
Where would you most want to live, if not in Toronto?
Where would you most like to live in Toronto?
Where I am

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