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2006 03 23
imageWhat is your favorite new building?
AGO renovation when it’s completed. (I like the computer renderings, anyway.)
What is your favorite old building?
St. Lawrence Market
What is your favorite intersection?
Clinton/Gore (one block south of College on Clinton).
Where is the heart of the city?
Kensington Market
What do you like most / least about Torontonians?
Most- Tolerance
Least- provincialism
What do you consider the most over-hyped place in the city?
Queen West/Gallery District; okay, the Drake
What is your most memorable event in Toronto?
Halloween 1999, Heaven & Hell party at the lofts at King & Portland streets, which have since been demolished in the name of generic glass-faced condominiums. I still meet people today who talk about that party in animated tones.
What is your favorite urban walk?
East along Bloor/Danforth from the Annex to Greektown
If you could change one thing about the city what would it be?
There should be better public transportation to areas outside the downtown core.
If you could undo one thing in Toronto’s urban planning / architectural history what would is be?
Gardiner Expressway in general, but the Gardiner/ Railroad combination, which effectively isolated Parkdale from the rest of the city, specifically. Also, the DVP.
What’s your most treasured place in the city?
Sneaky Dee’s
What building / place do you most dislike?
Dundas Square- Toronto is not going to be New York-ever- and this is not going to be Times Square. That and a privately owned city square in the guise of public space is offensive in every sense other than the economic.
Which Torontonians are changing the city?
Steven Kado (founder, Blocks Recording Club); Matt Collins (founder/organizer Manhunt Toronto); Jonny Dovercourt (founder of the Wavelength Music Series, director of The Music Gallery); Dave Meslin (City Idol) and, by default and by fact, David Miller.
Who are your favorite artists?
Olia Mischenko, Laura Barrett, and Sheila Heti
Where would you most want to live, if not in Toronto?
Barcelona, Paris, London or Louisville, Kentucky.
What other cities / places feel most like Toronto?
Boston, but Toronto is much more fun.

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