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2006 03 22
image What is your favorite new building?
No Question – the Center for Cellular and Biomolecular Research at UofT!
What is your favorite old building?
169 St. George – one of the finest early modern apartments in the city! That or the Waverley Hotel – used to be the Toronto Tourism office…and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until it’s the new Drake…
What is your favorite intersection?
Bloor and Bathurst
Where is the heart of the city?
That’s the trouble with Toronto, depends where you live and which rate payers association you belong to– but I would say the ideological heart of the city is the Annex.
What do you like most / least about Torontonians?
Never been to a more tolerant city…But also have never been anywhere so afraid of conversing with strangers…(hmm a paradox)
What do you consider the most over-hyped place in the city?
Dundas Square. Nothing wrong with the architecture, it’s the context and programming.
What is your most memorable event in Toronto?
The random street party involving a movie projector and a piano which emerged during the College streetcar track construction in 2004. Should happen everyday.
What is your favorite urban walk?
Through Trinity Bellwoods, then by the galleries on Queen (before they’re all Starbucks).
If you could change one thing about the city what would it be?
Power to actualize the long list of civic improvements we keep putting on the shelf.
If Toronto was reincarnated as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?
Marshall McLuhan
What’s your most treasured place in the city?
Honest Eds. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it is.
Where would you most like to live in Toronto?
A house to renovate on Euclid, between Bloor and College.
Which Torontonians are changing the city?
The gang from Spacing, the music scene, the art scene, the people doing the blogs (including this one) – the people behind uTOpia – all the people who believe in a better future for Toronto and are doing something about it right now!
What’s your favourite subway station?
St. Clair West! That sunken circular streetcar platform is unbelievable!
Where would you most want to live, if not in Toronto?
What should Toronto’s motto be?
The current one is actually surprisingly good.
If there was one Toronto building / place that no longer remains that you could visit for an afternoon what would it be?
The Queen’s Wharf. How amazing would it be to walk along the old Toronto Harbour…
Which two Toronto buildings would have the cutest offspring?
Not sure, but the CN Tower and the Skydome are the most likely to do it.
What building / place do you most dislike?
Any number of new town home projects going up in places they shouldn’t. That type should be made illegal.
Who are your Toronto favourite designers / artists / architects?
Bruce Mau, Broken Social Scene, Faludi

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