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2006 03 22
image What is your favorite old building?
Hart House
What is your favorite street name/intersection?
Not really an intersection per se but Queens Park Circle is a pleasant oasis among the orthogonal order.
Where is the heart of the city?
True to form, this city has many.
What do you like most/least about Torontonians?
Most – Their sense of humor; Least – Little, if any, eye contact in public spaces.
What is your most memorable event in Toronto?
New Year's Eve 2003
What is your favorite urban walk?
The streets of Kensington Market.
What do you consider the most over-hyped place in the City?
If you could change one thing about the City what would it be?
A subway system that allowed more access. Don’t get me wrong, the TTC is clean, safe and a relatively painless endeavor, but it needs more arms and legs.
What’s your most treasured place in the city?
My home
What building / place do you most dislike?
The parking garage next to Casa Loma.
What’s your favourite subway station?
Union Station, the above and below ground experience.
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